We Are The Mustard Room

We reside in the guts of Old Town Greenwood, Indiana. We do our best to keep things simple. As life is rarely that simple we often fail. We've been renovating a century-old house for the better part of a decade. We like to get our hands dirty, eat ice cream, and listen to records while preparing meals together. Together, we screen print apparel in our kitchen. 

Established in 2006

The Mustard Room was born out of a desire to make things from home with one another for folks who like things made from home. 


General Manager | Head Creative

Unfamiliar with the word "boredom" Joel grew up creating his own radio programs on a portable cassette recorder, publishing newspapers from his bedroom floor, and orchestrating puppet shows for unsuspecting family guests. 

After spending several years studying art history, drawing and printmaking at Ball State University, Joel slowly cultivated a small side hustle making graphics and printing t-shirts for friends, small businesses, and non-profits. Today, that side hustle is known as The Mustard Room.

Joel exhibits borderline unhealthy addictions to drinking coffee, collecting records, and chewing his fingers.

Joel also writes and records songs:


​​​Accountant | Bookkeeper

She plays a key role in keeping her daydreaming partner on task with current projects while often providing extra hands in the screen printing process. She also oversees the financial comings and goings of The Mustard Room's projects.

Miranda learned the value of hard work at an early age. She put herself through four years at Ball State University to receive a teaching degree. She spent several years teaching sixth grade special needs students before devoting her time to being a mother, part-time bookkeeper, and then returning to elementary schools to help young kids learn to read.

Miranda has an affinity toward gardening, long walks on beaches, and financial independence.


Marketing Guru

Olivia makes it incredibly difficult to keep tape and hot glue sticks in stock at the Rockey home. She leaves a collection of creative projects and their discarded scraps in her wake. There's nothing she can find in the recycling bin that she can't repurpose. Her sassy quips and untethered imagination have fueled many of The Mustard Room's projects. 

There's a good chance that Olivia is reading a book right now. She's ridiculously well-read, and a remarkable writer.

Olivia loves baking cupcakes, reading anything she can get her hands on, and tending her cut flower garden.


Production Assistant

Nolan loves to learn how things work and equally loves sharing what he's learned with whomever will let him bend their ear. He helps keep things light around the house with his jovial nature and winning personality.

A friend to everyone, Nolan is always looking to turn any occasion into a social engagement. He possesses a boundless imagination that inspires the rest of the family to think outside of the typical modus operandi. 

Nolan enjoys discovering his next favorite song, engineering new creations out of Lego blocks, and mastering video games.

Old Town Greenwood, Indiana 46142
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